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Reach the right people at the right time to create the most social impact.

You transitioned to sending quarterly newsletters via email to save paper and cost, only to realize they're not effective. So you send less emails, not more.

Creating community through your work is important, but a challenging task in this fast-paced, ever-changing digital landscape.

Your focus is, rightfully so, on the work you do, not learning the latest strategies to disseminate information that people actually read and take action on.


I can’t say enough about the Social for Good team. Kara, Regina, and Aubrey consistently go the extra mile to ensure that my business not only runs smoothly, but is visible and makes an impact for the right reasons. The ability to have a team that connects and integrates my emails, social channels, website, calendar, and virtual cart is exactly the thing my business needed. With one “let’s try this,” they make all the behind the scenes as well as the virtually visible parts connect seamlessly. They are fully invested in my growth, in my messaging, and in my business as if it was their own. It feels amazing to be “doing good” with a partner that gets it.

Dr. Sarah allen

Continuous communication is key.

The days of mailing quarterly newsletters are over. And if you simply exchanged your envelopes for emails, we're guessing you've not seen the increased response you expected. The truth is, traditional marketing strategy does not translate to digital. It requires a completely different method, voice, and frequency. To be heard and stay top of mind, more outreach is required than you think. And sending infrequent messages without a cohesive strategy, instead of carrying a continuous conversation, is costing you a lot more than those stamps used to.

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What does a funnel entail?


A comprehensive meeting to discuss the project goals.


Thorough research and planning done by our team specific to your organization.


The creation of a detailed strategy and implementation schedule.


Development of funnel map, content and copy, creative, design, onboarding, and sales.


One hour editorial session with feedback and training.


Includes landing page(s), automated email sequence(s), database organization, and more.


Ongoing support, management, and social media available afterwards for a seamless transition.

Be a force for good.

less cost ≠ more results

Just because email is free, doesn't mean it will automatically work better than sending postcards. A completely different strategy is required for best outcomes.

adaptive strategy

Continuity in the implementation of your digital marketing strategy allows for more creativity, a nimble and solutions-focused process, and successful communication.

increased impact

Diving into a new comprehensive digital funnel strategy will build community and connection around your organization's mission. 

Did you know you have to reach out 7-10 times to get a response?

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experience + testimonials

purposeful fitness

This team rocks! They deliver all projects and services done professionally and on-time, which is rare in this business. Thanks for all you do!

—Brian M.

sustainable e-commerce

Within hours of completing the project, I received responses and new business. I’m so grateful for their work and would absolutely recommend them!

—Robyn C.

non-profits + social enterprise

I put off developing an email marketing strategy for over a year because it was so overwhelming. I'm so glad to now have a place to connect off social media.

—Viki M.


Social for Good

social impact marketing

Social for Good Co. is a social impact marketing agency supporting entrepreneurs, purposeful businesses, and non-profits. We amplify positive messaging, connect others online, build authentic community, and spark belief in a vision for a better future through content writing, design, marketing, and social media.

Your impact is only as powerful as the strategy that accompanies it.